Black Lace

French, Italian and replicate laces

Tylers Fabrics are known for their exquisite range of genuine French and Italian laces as well as their cost efficient replicate laces from Asia.  Only the best quality laces make it into the range, regardless of the country of origin.

With the over 350 designs available in plain, corded, beaded and
embellished lace, customers are assured that they will find
something they love for their special outfit.

Beaded Gold French Lace
Beaded Gold French Lace

All aesthetics and budgets are catered for in colours ranging from bridal to pastel to strong in a large number of designs, both beaded and non-beaded.  Tylers Fabrics laces also co-ordinate beautifully with Tylers Fabrics’ silks and plain fabrics, both in bridal shades and fashion shades.

  • French Chantilly and Leavers lace – plain, corded, beaded and embellished from 10cm to 170cm wide
  • Italian Chantilly laces – plain, corded, cornealli and beaded from 40cm to 180cm wide
  • Replicate laces from China – plain, corded, beaded and
    embellished from 10cm to 160cm wide
  • Replicate laces/embroideries from India – plain, corded, beaded and embellished from 15cm to 135cm wide
  • Guipure laces – from 80cm to 140cm wide
  • Embroidered tulles from Taiwan – plain, corded and beaded from 43cm to 135cm wide

Please Note: whilst Tylers Fabrics are unable to provide swatches of laces and trims, photographs may be taken in store of the styles that are being considered.

Caring for these gorgeous fabrics

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