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Choosing the Correct Fabrics, Laces and Trims

Choosing the correct fabrics and embellishments for your wedding dress need not be as frightening as it seems. When you first step into Tylers Fabrics, you will be overwhelmed with the number of fabric and lace choices…

Don’t worry!

The retail staff members at Tylers Fabrics are experienced consultants and sewers, and as such will be able to advise you as to which of the many laces, trims and embellishments they have at their disposal will be perfect for your wedding gown.

Step 1/ Firstly, show your bridal consultant any photographs and sketches that you have collected. These visual aids are crucial in communicating what type of drape, sheen and structure the fabric will require to achieve the gown of your dreams. The more you can communicate in a visual way, both with bridal consultants and dressmakers/designers, the more likely it is that your vision will become a reality.

Step 2/ Your consultant will next talk to you about any proposed changes you wish to make to the gown, then will show you a selection of fabrics that will be suitable for the main structure of the gown. Once the best fabrics have been identified, you will then be asked whether you have considered which colour you would like to wear. The ideal way to approach this question is to advise your preference, but ask for their suggestions, also.

You do not have to choose “the one” at this stage, but it is important to narrow down the many options of fabric type and fabric colour to a short list. This will assist you greatly when it comes to choosing a lace or an embellishment in step 3.

With the help of your bridal consultant, factors to consider when choosing your main fabric are:

Silk or Synthetic? (Do you want the dress to breathe? What is your budget? Will a silk give you the best drape?)

Shiny or Low luster? (Your personal taste as well as your figure will dictate this. Silks come in a variety of different sheens, from low luster to glossy. Typically, the fabric drape and weight you require will be available in a low and gloss sheen option)

Which colour? (White? Natural/ivory? Vintage tones?…)

Step 3/ With reference to your photographs, your consultant will next talk to you about the more exciting part of the gown – the detailing.

Laces, embellishments and trimmings can be as different in application as they are in appearance. The construction of the garment must be taken into account when choosing the correct lace, trim or embellishment. For this reason, it is important to have a reasonably clear idea of what you wish the finished garment to look like.

The main focus of your discussions with your consultant at this point is to narrow down which of the many, many laces, trims and embellishments will suit your gown. Your consultant is invaluable at this stage. They will select the most suitable laces, trims and embellishments to consider and from these you will narrow down to a shortlist to show your dressmaker/designer.

With the help of your consultant, factors to consider when choosing your lace, trim or embellishment are:

What is suitable for your gown? (Your consultant will help you with this)

Do you have a budget for your lace/trim/embellishment?

Which colour? (having narrowed down to a selection in step 2, you with then be advised which colours will suit which lace/trim/embellishment)

Beading or no beading? (Your taste and budget will determine this for you)

Step 4/ Now that you have selected a shortlist of (a) your main fabric(s) and (b) your lace/trim/embellishment, your consultant will help you to further narrow down which combinations look the best, and most appeal to you.

Ideally, it is advisable to finish up with a first choice and a second choice – this is especially important if you re not purchasing your fabric immediately to avoid potential disappointment.

Step 5/ Now that you have narrowed down your selections, your next step is to consult with your dressmaker/designer. Your dressmaker/designer will be the best person to advise you on the quantity of fabric to purchase. To assist the dressmaker/designer with this, ask your consultant to prepare you some swatches of the appropriate fabrics to take home, and take photographs of the laces/trims/embellishments as well.

Step 6/ Visit your dressmaker/designer and discuss your shortlist with them. They will help you narrow down your selection to the best choice(s), and will be able to discuss with you the quanity of fabric that you will need for your gown.

Once this process has been followed, you can feel confident that you have chosen fabrics, laces and embellishments that will be perfect for your dream wedding dress. The final step is for you (or your dressmaker) to get back in touch with Tylers Fabrics to arrange the purchase of your fabrics. If you are after a particular combination, be sure to order these as soon as you can. Whilst Tylers Fabrics always have a fantastic selection in stock at any one time, there are times when items can sell out. As your dressmaker/designer will have a deadline to have the fabric by, early ordering will minimise disappointment.