Bridal Silks

Purchasing Fabric for your wedding gown

1/ Make sure you are 100% certain of the style of gown you have chosen for your special day.

2/ Do not accept, under any circumstances, the words:

“I will only give you the name of the maker when you have purchased the fabric from me.”

2/ Always select 2 – 3 makers and interview them. You must feel comfortable with your maker of choice as he/she will translate your dream gown in the most affordable way.  If you do not have a maker, please ask one of the staff at Tylers for the name of 2 or 3 freelance makers in close proximity to your area.

3/ Take swatches and photographs with you to your interviews with makers for their professional advice regarding suitability and quantities.

 4/ Under no circumstances accept a ballpark making cost from any person other than the maker you finally choose. Only your maker can give you an accurate making cost – no one else. Gowns may look similar, however each gown is as unique as the person the gown is made for, and each style involves differing techniques and time to make.

5/   Emotions play a big part in selection. Do not be pushed nor rushed into making your fabric choice before the above process is finalised. The staff at Tylers Fabrics have had many years’ experience and are all there to help you with correct fabric choices. They can provide you with fabric swatches and an indication of fabric requirements based on your gown style of gown.   However, the staff at Tylers Fabrics will always refer you back to your maker to confirm quantity.